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MCL’s Supplier Collaborator is a searchable and reportable database of suppliers, their capabilities, capacity and ethical credentials, to help a retailer or brand manage sourcing and ethical trade.
Factory management

Capacity planning.

Factory inspection management.

Corrective action plans, adopting Sedex output if required.

An easy way to expedite outstanding actions without having to employ larger-than-necessary teams of people.

Multi-tier – manages sourcing at any level, from individual products, to lines and entire seasons.

Product and materials management.

Workflows to manage on-boarding of new suppliers, document tracking and policy revisions.

Supplier selection – find suppliers who have the capacity and capabilities needed to deliver products and who have an appropriate score.

Compliance management – improve the likelihood of using ethically-approved suppliers and factories.

Improve productivity by removing unnecessary clerical work from key people to allow them to focus on their core skills.
Key benefits:-
Cost savings

Reduction in sourcing costs by providing a cross-company view of suppliers, their capabilities, capacity or score-cards – removing the need for, and costs of, operating in silos.

Lowers the risk of using factories with no approved ethical audit.

Reduction in the cost and complexity of managing communications with suppliers, ethical audits and adherence to policies
           – manage the same volume of work with a lower headcount or more work with the same.
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Supplier database

Supplier score-carding (qualitative and quantitative) at any level.

Maintain details of suppliers and related factories, including capabilities, standards management and communication history.

Single point of reference for suppliers.

Multi-dimensional relationships between suppliers and factories managed efficiently.

Meetings management.