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Every business today, regardless of its size, product or service, faces a marketplace of ever-increasing competition and complexity.

Most organisations are already undergoing significant changes, on a continuing basis, in the way they do business in order to successfully compete in this difficult environment.

Consequently, adapting to change has become an imperative for all businesses positioning themselves for the future.

However, in many cases these changes, although major, have failed to have the necessary impact on profitability that senior management requires. Change projects fail more often from lack of effective change management than any other single reason.

Having recognised, in a variety of industries, the need for more effective Change Management, D.S. Business Consulting offers a wealth of experience & expertise to assist business enterprises develop their Change Management skills, achieve a greater understanding and control of their organisations and become more successful businesses.

The solution to successfully meeting the challenge of change is to effectively manage the change process, reduce operating costs and enhance profitability.

There is a lot of mystique associated with process improvement, lots of jargon and many different methods but process improvement is very easy.  There are only three simple questions that you need to address:

What is your purpose?
A process is series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end.  And that end is all important.  If your process is to work well you must be very clear what the thing is that you are producing.   The “purpose” of the process should be obvious.
It is difficult to cook a great meal if you aren’t clear what you want to eat, the same is true for any other process.
Who is your customer?
The only person who can tell you if you are meeting your purpose is your customer.  That is the person you are working for. That may be an external customer (the one that pays the cash) - or an internal customer (the one who complains when you get it wrong).

Is your customer happy?
If everything your process does focuses on meeting that customer’s needs, nothing more and nothing less, and there is no way you could make it better, then you have the perfect process.

Process improvement is simply about changing the way you do things to meet customer needs.
Process improvement