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To develop products successfully for today's markets, apparel companies must facilitate creativity and innovation by removing organisational constraints.

Effective management of new product development and introduction programs is key to increasing responsiveness and reducing risk.

With ever more complex and distributed supply chains, it is vital that companies take full control over their product development process.

Centralising product data in one easily accessible system and automating related workflows will ensure product data is received when and where it is required. This ensures consistency and effective communication, minimises errors and wastage, and significantly reduces time to market.

PLM systems are designed to manage product development data and activities and provide a backbone for the controlled flow of product information throughout the product life cycle.

An appropriate PLM system can:

Eradicate the use of disconnected spreadsheets & Word documents

Minimise the time spent on pre-planning your collections

Reduce critical lead times

Enable fewer mistakes and create a large reduction in workload

Reduce paperwork and re-keying of data

Provide useful & meaningful management information

Improve your internal planning capabilities
Product Lifecycle Management