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MCL's Product Collaborator is a suite of components for product specifications, costing, sample management, reporting and task management.
Version-controlled spec packs
• Complete visibility and audit trail of original to final specifications.

Low impact/low cost implementation

Minimal business disruption.

Rapid learning curve and deployment.

Exploits existing IT infrastructure.

Most users will be already familiar with the user interface, so minimal training needed.
Optional Extras

Fit session management.

Project and task management.

Intelligent integration with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
User-friendly environment

Uses software which many people already use and are familiar with.

Consistent look and feel to spec packs.
Central point of reference for product information

Core master data held in one place.

Single repository for all styling and  specification data.

Controlled issue of specifications to suppliers.
Flexible, easy-to-use costing system

Simply enter items into Bill of Materials and costing is automatically calculated.

Multiple currencies are possible.

Frees buyers and designers to focus on buying and design rather than admin.


Locked-down data when passed to suppliers.
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Key Benefits:-

Cost savings