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MCL’s Image Collaborator is a combination of hardware, software and best practices, to capture, manage and publish pictures, videos and documents for use/re-use.
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Alternative image databases to ensure best fit with your requirements for:-

 Capturing and publishing pictures, documents and videos.

Finding those assets again, approving them and reusing them easily and quickly.

Feeding other systems with the assets and information about them.
Image Collaborator works with two camera equipment companies to provide the image capture:-

 Photo studio set-up.

Camera/software combinations to capture and cut out images.

Links with image databases to provide a quick route from capture to approval.
Links between image databases and other business systems, for example:-

   Capturing image information entered in Photoshop or Illustrator to import into an image database.

Automatic assignment of picture information when importing into an image database.

Rule-based workflows to move images between teams  for action.

Export of (re-purposed) images and selected metadata to website content management systems or catalogue production systems.
Key Benefits:-
Image management

Reduced cost of replacing lost images and correcting mistakes

Time saved in finding images

Image capture
Lower photography costs and retouching costs

Much quicker process

Quicker end-to-end processes

Key people released from unnecessary clerical work